The Doctrines of Grace

The Doctrines of Grace

Authored: 10/23/2005 By: R W Glenn 5 Parts

What is the nature of God's grace in salvation? From the time of the Reformation forward, the answer to this question was simple: every single aspect of salvation, from election to glorification, is wholly by God's sovereign grace. In the Netherlands of early 17th century, however, this unified voice for a biblical doctrine of salvation was challenged by the so-called Remonstrant Arminians with their five points of grievance with the orthodox teaching of the Heidelberg Catechism and the Belgic Confession. The response to their grievance is what has come to be known as the five points of Calvinism.

This five-part sermon series follows the traditional TULIP acrostic that outlines the church's response to Arminianism:

1.) Total Depravity
2.) Unconditional Election
3.) Limited Atonement
4.) Irresistible Grace
5.) Perseverance of the Saints

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