You Are Good to Me

Lately, I've been thinking about the clichéd phrase, "Count your blessings" as it seems my husband, Jason, and I have been incredibly blessed in recent days, both with the generosity of others and with the anticipated goodness of new endeavors in our lives. Though “Count your blessings" may sound like a response you'd hear a parent give a child who wails for ice cream as the minivan rolls by an ice cream shop, I'd like to insist it has much application for everyone, at all times. I don't think the phrase is used so often because we've run out of things to say. Rather, I think counting blessings is a great response to all things! In joy and happiness we count our blessings, for they are from God, the giver of all good things. In sorrow, while we search for joy, we count our blessings because God's blessings fall upon us in small ways, sometimes in minuscule ways. But in times of sorrow, these little blessings are what get us through the hard times. Growing up, I loved to sing the song "Count your Blessings," and the simple little chorus taught me to focus on the positive things, not just on the negatives in my life: “Count your blessings, name them one by one / Count your many blessings, see what God has done.” Building on the simple truth in that chorus, Rend Collective's song "Counting Every Blessing,” a song for which I’ve recently grown in appreciation, focuses on God's goodness and drives me to praise! My favorite phrase in the song brings the whole picture to Christ: “Surely every season you are good to me.”  

Believing this truth means all the difference, but we are not to take this as a health and wealth gospel—that God brings us easy things or great success or even happiness. Sometimes God brings into our lives things that are so hard they seem impossible to endure. In those times, we must turn and fight and say that in this season—as in every season—You are good to me. In the seasons of joy, laughter, and newness of life, and in the seasons of tears, death, depression, and deep hurt. God is blessing us through it. And we should respond in praise—not just for the good things, but for who He is. As I mentioned, I've been graciously receiving God's blessing after blessing in my life in recent months. Moving into our first home, feeling at home in our church after a year as members, living near family, and our most recent blessing of finding out that Jason and I are expecting a child this December! Would you rejoice with us for this blessing? And would you help us to count the blessings in this child's future when we aren't feeling all the "happy" we are now?

I am thankful for this song and the timing of it in my life. May it bring the joy of your salvation to you in your own unique season. For He is good to us.