“Redeemer 101” Observations

Membership classes are remarkable. Every class I've attended through the years has been both refreshing and delightful. Last Friday and Saturday’s “Redeemer 101” was no exception.

On Friday night, we heard from attendees both of their church background and what drew them to Redeemer. Then, Pastor Jason Wredberg expounded on how “The Gospel Changes Everything.” On Saturday, we dug into the “why” of church membership, as well as what Redeemer believes, and what’s expected of members.

I’d like to share a few observations:

A Taste of Simple Fellowship

One of the benefits of a small class of 30 people is the opportunity to get to know one another. As we listened to each other’s testimonies, we were able to make new connections. Unity and joy marked this fellowship, as people from different backgrounds and circumstances came together around the Gospel.

A Picture of Gospel Unity

A class like this is another way that we are “eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Eph. 4:3). Every membership class is an opportunity to convey who we are and what we believe, and it’s a chance to rehearse the Gospel so that nothing is left assumed. Also, the leadership communicates their vision once again, helping everyone entering membership to begin “on the same page.”

A Glimpse of Humble Leadership

We witnessed humble leadership as Pastor Jason transparently led each session. There was a moment where he was providing background on upcoming opportunities. One of the attendees suggested we pray for the elders. We halted and prayed right there. What marked this moment for me was the humility of the leadership to admit they need prayer and wisdom.

Finally, like a blurry image coming into focus, the time we spent going over foundational elements of the church once again brought the glorious Gospel into focus.