New Sermon Series

When the topic of church membership comes up, some immediately think about a loving faith family that has served them sacrificially in times of pain and difficulty. For others, the immediate sentiment is not something so positive. Rather than a means of joy, the church has been a source of hurt.

Amidst the many and varied feelings about the church that are undoubtedly present within the Redeemer faith family, we want to take several weeks to open God’s Word and invite it to reshape and reorient our thinking.

The Bible presents the church as both a display of God’s glory and a gift of His grace. Of course, since every church is led by sinners and made up of sinners, it never reflects God’s glory perfectly and it doesn’t always feel like a gift. Relationships are difficult, leaders disappoint, and innumerable activities vie for our time. This means that RBC (and every other church) must consistently go back to Bible to make sure our thinking and affections are being shaped by God’s perfect and infallible Word.

Over the next few months, we will spend our Sunday mornings going through an extended study on the church. After just a few weeks of our study we will be hosting a new members class, called Redeemer 101. The class is designed to give prospective members an idea of who we are, what we believe, and how we operate. The class is open to anyone who wants to find out more about joining RBC. Of course, attending the class doesn't mean you have to join, but it is the first step in our membership process. Redeemer 101 will be held on May 19th (7-9pm) and 20th (9am-noon).

My hope and prayer is that God will use this series and Redeemer 101 to change our thinking where needed, and reignite our passion for His glory and His church. May the Spirit push us toward each other in meaningful relationships for the glory of Christ and for our ever-increasing joy in Him.

“The church is a group of pardoned rebels whom God wants to use to display His glory, because they tell the truth about Him and look increasingly like Him—holy, loving, and united.” Mark Dever