New Sermon Series

As I begin preaching regularly at Redeemer, and as we all embark on a new season of church life and ministry, I’m thrilled that we will be spending several weeks beholding the wonder and beauty of our Savior. Peter reminds us that our Chief Shepherd is Jesus, and so we will look to Him as He is revealed in John’s Gospel. As a faith family, our gaze must be fixed on Jesus. There is nothing more important.

The Gospel of John has a clear aim: “that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.” While the thrust of John’s gospel record is evangelistic, there is much for the new Christian as well as the seasoned follower of Christ. No child of God has too much knowledge of Christ or too deep a belief in Him. Charles Spurgeon warns us,

"He who does not long to know more of Christ, knows nothing of Him yet. Whoever hath sipped this wine will thirst for more, for although Christ doth satisfy, yet it is such a satisfaction that the appetite is not cloyed, but whetted. Rest not then content without an increasing acquaintance with Jesus. Seek to know more of Him in His divine nature, in His human relationship, in His finished work, in His death, in His resurrection, in His present glorious intercession, and in His future royal advent. Abide hard by the Cross, and search the mystery of His wounds. An increase of love to Jesus, and a more perfect apprehension of His love to us is one of the best tests of growth in grace."

The Gospel of John pushes us deeper and further into Christ. As we see and savor Jesus, we will find sweet and satisfying rest in Him. Please come to our times of gathered worship as we open God’s Word, enjoy rich fellowship, and above all behold the Lamb of God!

March 5th
Introducing the Gospel of John – Who is Jesus?

March 12th
John 3:1-21 – Jesus and the Religious Leader

March 19th
John 4:1-26 – Jesus and the Thirsty Woman

March 26th
John 6 – Jesus and the Hungry Crowd

April 2nd
John 9 – Jesus and the Blind Man

April 9th
John 11 – Jesus and His Dead Friend

April 16th (Easter)
John 12-20 – Jesus, the Victorious Christ