During certain seasons of the year we think of and hunger for specific foods. God made us with different kinds of hunger and He reminds us of that in Scripture. In more than one place He says, “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God” (Matt. 4:4). Have you found that spiritual hunger is different from physical hunger in that when you don’t take in spiritual food, you desire it less and less and when you do “eat” spiritual food, you desire it more and more?

Although the comparison between physical and spiritual food eventually breaks down, sometimes it helps to think about both. At special times we will take the time and expense to prepare a complicated recipe while at other times we simply snack or eat fast food. What is your habit with your intake of spiritual nourishment? Is it microwave or slow cooking? Is it once a week, or several times a day, or somewhere in between?

A good meal of a favorite physical food is enhanced by enjoying it with people we love. So, the benefit of God’s Truth is increased when we discuss and share it together. Of course, it won’t happen unless we have spent time in private with the Spirit mixing together in our understanding the contents of God’s Word. Edith Schaeffer said when people come to us in need of “bread” it is not good to just give them flour, yeast and water. We must have taken the time and effort to make bread to give them.

Preparing “bread” to share with others means we have interacted with God and His Word so that we see God’s love and power clearly. That clear vision changes our thoughts and heart so that we can wisely help and encourage others to glorify God by believing His promises in the midst of life’s trials and blessings.