Both men and women were created in God’s image, equal before God as persons, yet made distinct in the roles God ordained for them.  At Redeemer, we long for men to understand their God-given role and to grasp the love Christ has for them.  When men start to understand, believe and apply the love of Christ to their lives, then and only then will real heart change happen.

The vision for RBC's men's ministry is to see the men of RBC transformed through the Gospel of grace through fellowship, discipleship, teaching and serving.


1. What does the men's ministry entail?

  • Quarterly events (ie. Men's Retreat in the fall, men's breakfasts, winter bonfire, etc. one event per quarter on average)

2. Why doesn’t the men's ministry do more?

  • All of our men are already plugged into a community group. And many have ministry responsibilities as well. We feel it is wise to keep the men's ministry “low key” for these reasons. Also, the heartbeat of RBC is the Community Groups not men's or women's ministry. Community Group is where we put the “one anothers” of Scripture into practice.

3. Does the Men's Ministry have a formal discipleship program?

  • No. Men who are interested in forming a discipleship relationship should seek it out through a Community Group or Life Group. Your Community Group leader will help you find a discipleship group.

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