Life Groups

Imagine having two close friends in Christ with whom you meet regularly to read the Word of God, share daily struggles, celebrate graces, and pray for each other. Your relationship is not mainly about how well you perform, but about how imperfect people cling to a perfect Christ, growing in the Spirit, and increasingly walking like Jesus walked. As those who are known and loved by God, you are helping each other to fight the fight to believe and apply the gospel to every aspect of life. It’s a relationship where you can share your faith and your doubt, your obedience and your stumbling. You are regularly speaking the truth to each other in love and growing in your love for Christ. And this group of yours, your Life Group, is joined with the wider Redeemer family, together increasingly equipped to help the whole body build itself up in the love and grace of God, embracing the Great Commission.

This is our vision for Life Groups at Redeemer; and we encourage you to be a part of this important ministry.

For the full description of our Life Groups vision and helpful information on how to facilitate your first meeting, click here to view the booklet, or pick up a hard copy at the Welcome Center at church.

If you’ve already taken the first step of committing to being in a Life Group with two other people, please register your Life Group here.

If you would like to be in a Life Group, but need a little extra help in connecting with two other people, please speak to an elder or email

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For more information about Life Groups at Redeemer, please contact Bill Walsh.